Context Summary

Although free primary education in South Sudan is the declaration and the policy of the government, primary education is far from free. It is a privilege.

Public schools in Juba are not supposed to charge registration fees, only a nominal registration form fee. However, the schools’ administrations agree with the parent’s associations on a fee to cover costs (i.e., drinking water) and to supplement the low salaries of teachers.
Furthermore, the demand for primary schools in the Greater Juba Area far exceeds the capacity of the available public schools. Therefore, there is a proliferation of small private schools in most of the outer residential areas. These schools depend so much on school fees for the establishment, operation, and salaries. Given the current economic situation and hyperinflation, these schools keep increasing Registration fees. Registration fees in these schools range from 3,000.00 SSP – 15,000.00 SSP per year, a significant burden for parents and guardians, whose incomes are not compatible with such high costs of education.