Program Description

By Us For Us (BUFU) Education Program undertakes a yearly registration drive that aims to support a minimum of 300 South Sudanese primary and secondary pupils attend school, by paying school fees and providing uniforms and school supplies.
Due to the economic hardship worsened by currency devaluation in 2016, many families are unable to afford to send their children and other dependents to schools.  Furthermore, many orphans are unable to find benefactors from their extended families to pay for their school fees. This program aims to fill this gap through donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses.  This year, school fees range from 1,500 SSP – 15,000 SSP depending on whether it is a public, community or private schools.  BUFU began 2016 – 2017 School year with supporting 134 pupils in 23 schools in the Greater Juba Area.  The 2017 -2018 we extended support to 240 pupils in 27 schools in the Greater Juba Area.  The program also provided uniforms and school supplies to some of our pupils. BUFU plans to accompany the children until they attain a Secondary School Certificate.  Our policy is that we register our continuing pupils first, before admitting new pupils to the program, which depends entirely on available funds.  The average cost per pupil thus far for the school year 2018 – 2019 is $20 (4,800 SSP).